Asobu - Ice Tea and Coffee Infuser Glass Bottle To Go for Cold Brew 0.4L - BLACK

INFUSER BOTTLE Asobu Ice2go is an 400 ml glass water bottle that comes with a stainless steel infuser to put medium coffee grinds or loose leaf tea HEAT RESISTANT GLASS Made of heat resistant insulated glass this bottle so you can easily make a hot infused tea or a good coffee brew EASY USE Featuring a removable top and bottom lid so you can easily fill the infuser with tea and coffee and then easily replace it inside the bottle to allow it to steep the tea or coffee USE AS THERMOS AND MUG A great Tea thermos and mug so you can infuse your tea or coffee on the way to work in the car or at the park and then enjoy it straight from the bottle SAFE AND CONVENIENT Made with dishwasher safe material and 100 percent BPA free so you can enjoy this bottle and the easy clean up after