Professor Puzzle THE BOREDOM BOX


The Boredom Box by Professor Puzzle - Featuring over 250 challenges to keep everyone entertained. Includes everything you need for family games night - Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Mikado, Pachisi, Nine Men’s Morris, Snakes & Ladders, Matchstick Puzzles, Playing Cards, Tangram Puzzles, Number Puzzles, Trivia Questions, Lateral Thinking Puzzles and much more! Develop creative thinking, problem solving skills & classic board game abilities - The perfect addition to games night / gift for board games & brain teaser enthusiasts. Packed with classic games, brain training puzzles and traditional favourites. The Boredom Box by Professor Puzzle . Huge Games & Puzzles Set - Over 250 Activities from Classic Board Games to lateral Thinking Puzzles | Brain Train Indoor Games for Kids, Family, Friends|Game Night