Aluminium Ballpoint Pen

Clip color

Just shift the cap and start your creative journey.


The Stilform pen is the world's first ballpoint pen that employs magnets to expose and retract the tip. The unique mechanism functions through a strong Neodymium magnet and creates a satisfying click.


Award-Winning Magnetic Pen

As the winner of three of the world's most prestigious design awards, the Stilform pen is well on its way to becoming a design classic.


Revolutionary Magnetic Mechanism

A simple shift of the cap unlocks the pen and makes it ready for writing. This unique mechanism is based on a strong Neodymium magnet and gives the Stilform pen different appearances in the writing and the idle position.


Extra Ordinary Writing Experience

In collaboration with the renowned German refill manufacturer SCHMIDT Technology, we developed the best ballpoint cartridge on the market for our new Stilform pen. The Schmidt X Stilform Refill combines the performance of a traditional ballpoint cartridge with a smoother writing experience similar to a rollerball refill.



Material: Grade-6 aluminium
Packaging: Matte-laminated premium gift box
Cartridge: Stilform X SCHMIDT premium refill, German ink in black, Swiss tungsten tip
Refill: Compatible with all G2 standard refills (Parker-style)
Dimensions: 137x11x11mm (5.4"x0.43"x0.43")
Weight: 26g (0.9oz)